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1998 Chevy Suburban LT1500 4x4

This 1998 truck is really great in the snow! It's a good 4x4 with a rebuilt transmission (2 years ago or so) and room for 8 people.

It got 18mpg on a drive to and from florida and was very comfortable for our family. We've used it to tow a utilty trailer and sailboats.

It's been maintained to be operational, but I haven't been willing to fix everything that's wrong with it. Some of the things it needs are (to us) not essential, but we have fixed the essential things when they broke. Here's a partial list (but keep in mind we're selling it in AS IS condition). Exterior - it has driver side body damage on the driver side of the truck and running bar (we were broadsided in florida by an elderly woman), and the rear bumper has some dings from years of hauling. The rest of the body is ok but I'm sure there are dings and dents here and there. The driver side damage doesn't cause any water or snow to get into the truck, the doors stay closed and sealed (the damage happened about 18months ago). The interior is well used and we keep the fold down seat in the center permanently down for kids to get into the back seat since the mechanism got difficult to slide then broke -- so we just keep the seat in the down position (makes a great place to put stuff when shopping) and makes for easy entry into the truck for any of the back passengers. Mechanically, we've recently done the alternator ($250), the tires are nice and only maybe 20k miles on them ($600), we did the tranny a few years ago ($1875) and other misc things. The air, heat and 4x4 work great. The cd player hasn't worked in years. We also have not fixed the antilock brake (sensors?) which pulse at very slow speeds (like stopping at a traffic light), it just takes some getting used to but the brakes seem to work fine at all other speeds.

The engine is very smooth, lots of power and the 4x4 and auto awd function seem to work great. I've never gotten stuck with this truck, and the interior loading capacity is wonderful with the third seat out and the middle seats down. The interior is leather with heated front seats, power windows, locks, etc. It passed inspection in Oct with only needing new wiper blades.

If you know something about body work and can do it yourself, you'll be able to get a nice truck for very little money -- in fact you can get it for what I've put into it in recent years. It might be a good winter only or converted into a plow truck or something. $2400 Firm.
*** please note close-ups coming soon of the damage... ***

Heavy Duty Single Axle Trailer

This trailer has moved us, moved cord wood, taken stuff to the dump, moved a golf cart, lawn gear, etc. I bought it off of ebay years ago and added steel reinforcing underneath by a welder in town. It needs new wood, but the lights work (at least before winter - have not tested since then). It is a good all around useful trailer. It has trailer tires and bearing buddies. $450

Small Snowblower

This small white snowblower works, but the pull cord broke on my this last winter and it needs to be replaced, it starts fine with the electric start though. 8HP, $150

Gravely Gangmower for Walkbehind

This is a gang mower attachment of a gravely Walk behind tractor. It has nearly a 6 foot width, and it works fine. It has one missing roller and I have a set of extra belts that goes with it. I used it for 2 years, but my property is too steep to use it regularly. Other than that I do not know much about them. $350 Firm


Gravely Scoop for Walkbehind

This is the scoop attachment for a gravely Walk behind tractor. It comes with the release lever and is in good condition. $350 Firm

Good Small Engine with attached mower

Here's a good strong 10hp mower, everything works on it but there are two problems. The front axle is bent, so the tires face out and as a result both are flat and hanging onto the rims, one of the back tires goes flat all the time. It is old so I figure the value is more in the engine which seems to be very strong. $200