Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cottage on the water?

No. From the main house and the property you can see some water views only during the late fall, winter, and early spring when the leaves are off the trees however, there's no way to get to the water since busy route 3 is between the property and water side. (top)

How big is the cottage really?

Our term "cozy" measures about 18 feet square (exterior dimensions). While it's small, it's still comfortable. We've never had anyone complain about the size or lack of space. Packing 5 people into it is possible counting pillows and such, but unless you're a happy family, five might be a little tight, but then that's up to you. (top)

Is it private?

Yes. You can hear loud noises from house to cottage, but that's about it. It's hard to see clearly due to the trees in between the house and cottage, plus it's up the hill. (top)

Is there air conditioning?

No. The electrical service from the house to the cottage probably wouldn't carry it anyway even if we had one there which we don't. We do supply two fans which seem to work for most people. We have had two heat waves when people were in the cottage and they reported that it was hot but OK. If you're from the south (like we were) and come to expect everything air conditioned, then this probably isn't the rustic cottage for you. (top)

Is there parking?

Yes. There's at least one or two spaces near the cottage. While the road is paved to the cottage, the parking isn't. While there's really no room for an RV, but there might be room for a small pop-up camper or small boat. Keep in mind that turning around is tight and it's at the top of a fairly steep hill, so it's not ideal for trailers of any kind. (top)

Do I have to do a lot of walking?

It depends on you. From the parking area it's about 20 to 30 feet into the cottage. The picnic area is about the same distance from the cottage as well. There are three steps from the driveway up to the cottage level and two steps into the cottage. (top)

Is it handicap accessible?

Not really. Remember, this is a small seasonal cottage and it's not going to be suitable for everyone. There are three steps to the cottage level and two steps up into the cottage. There's no ramp, no railing, and there's not much spare room (nor special handles, etc) in the bathroom. (top)

I want to bring my pet with me, is that OK?

No thanks, we've been down that road before where fido is really, really, really a good dog. But our experience is that while fido may be a magnificient pet, he or she may not be the best behaved guest. We're so sorry we can't accomodate you and your pet. (top)

Do you get cellular service at the cottage?

Yes. Most of our guests have been able to use their own cellular phones to place and receive calls while staying at the cottage. We're just off route 3 which has pretty consistent traffic and cell access. (top)