Compare Us. Some local establishments will advertise their lowest rate to get your attention, but the extras can quickly add up. Some places charge extra for more than 2 people often $20 per person per night. We don't have any extra fees. Whether you have 1 or 5 in your party, you'll pay the same price.

Want to stay at a place with a view of the water, or be able to walk out onto the beach from your bedroom? That's NOT us, but if you'd be happier at a place like that expect to pay about $1,500 per week. While our rates are below what we feel going rate for in-season rentals, at our cottage, you'll have a mostly wooded view on all sides. The great thing about Tilton and the surrounding Lakes Region of New Hampshire, is that in just about any direction, within a short drive you'll see water close-up and mountains in the distance. Our cottage is a great place to base a New Hampshire vacation as we're smack dab in the middle of the state. Most desired activities are well within an hour or so drive from us. Take your pick of lake beaches, mountains, boat rides, hiking trails, scenic railroads, antique shops, and soaking in some Yankee culture. The cost to stay at our cottage plus the cost of some day excursions will, in some cases, be less than what you would pay to stay at some other non-waterfront establishments alone! How's that for a value.

Remember, we're a short drive to many attractions AND public parks and beaches where the day rates are reasonable.

Details, Details

Even though we're small and inexpensive, we still have some requirements. We require a $100 deposit and a signed agreement to hold your reservation. In addition, we only accept credit and debit card processing through the following online process. The process is secure and makes use of's technology (an eBay company) to process your payment. In addition to it being secure, it DOES NOT require a paypal account.

Ready to Book?... It's really easy...

1 Send us an email with the dates you'd like
2 Please print out our rental agreement, fill it in, sign it and mail it with your deposit. Please send us an email with any questions you might have).
3 If paying by paypal, we'll send you an email request for payment. Follow the directions to process payment. Otherwise, payment is due upon arrival at the cottage. Full payment is expected at the start of your stay.
4 Once we receive your agreement and deposit we'll email you with confirmation of your reservation. Remember check in is 3pm on your arrival date, and check out is 12 noon on your departure day.