Outside Guest Area Pictures

Cottage picnic area Outside is a large picnic table next to the grill and in the same area as the adorondack chairs and hammock. A handful of tiki torches help illuminate the area at night. Large citronella candles help keep biting insects at bay. There's also a rough area set up for horseshoes near the picnic area in a clearing amounst the trees.
The stone grill in the picnic area is made of medium to large fieldstones. It was probably built in the 1940's or 1950's and is great for grilling or just a good old controlled campfire. We provide basic grilling utensils and you can either bring your own charcoal or gather the many available twigs and branches from the woods to burn in the grill. Old stone bbq
Hatteras hammock The hammock is a nice quality Hatteras hammock hung between two huge pines. It will cradle you in quilted softness as you take in the nature around you and it makes for a great place to take a snooze. As with all tall and old pine trees to which it is attached, watch out for the occational falling branch.